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design and innovation (together again)
Tables, anyone?

Let your HTML tables come alive!
TableGear lets you turn a standard, static web-based table into a sortable, editable data powerhouse! Keyboard shortcuts and chained AJAX requests let you rip through your data just like you would in Excel! Want more?
Sure you do.

Kanji - Not just for Japanese people anymore. is the first community kanji dictionary that allows you to add your own words and vote on them! Blaze through kanji with multiple search functions and cross-referenced links. Study words by adding them to your vocab list.

Don't be intimidated by kanji anymore.
Take control.


I am a web developer and translator based in Tokyo, Japan.

I am passionate about web sites that know they have a purpose, and still manage to look good doing so.

I am fanatical about cutting-edge web technologies that redefine what we think is possible.

I am obsessed with language, and its ability to shape the way we understand our world.