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What is HotText?

HotText is a Javascript plugin modeled off the "hot text" elements found in Adobe applications like After Effects, and designed to make HTML forms more intuitive and usable. Applying HotText to a form input will instantly allow you to click on it and "slide" the value either left or right.

When applied to form inputs that use sequential data – especially those that require the user to repeatedly make small adjustments – HotText elements can be extremely intuitive and help improve work flow.

HotText is built on the MooTools Javascript framework, and is intended for use with valid XHTML. It is designed to be degradable, which means that when applied correctly browsers without Javascript will still be able to use your forms without any problems. Last (and possibly best), as of version 1.1 it now works with TableGear, which gives you a tremendous amount of control when applying it to table data.