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What is TableGear?

TableGear is a software package for working with data on the web. It is designed get your data into a web page, and let you work with it quickly and easily, the way you would in powerful desktop applications like Excel.

TableGear is...

  • ...100% XHTML compliant.
  • ...designed for PHP and MySQL, but can still be used on other systems.
  • ...built on the MooTools Javascript framework.
  • ...and now on the jQuery framework as well!
  • ...degradable for browsers without Javascript, like mobile devices.
  • ...quick, allowing you to be more productive.
  • ...customizable, giving you total control over your tables and form elements.
  • ...well documented, so you can learn how to use it quickly.

The TableGear package has two parts. TableGear.php is concerned with fetching data, formatting it, and getting it into an XHTML table. It also handles submitted data, both from AJAX calls and a standard POST, and returns data to the application. TableGear.js handles the client-side functions that make the tables dynamic including sorting, editing and keyboard shortcuts. These scripts can be used independently, but are designed to be used together.


Current version is 1.6.1.




Stopped Google Groups and Uservoice in favor of Github issues. Please put bug reports there.


Examples listed here build on each other as they go, so if you're lost try looking at a previous example for help.

Getting Started