Example 16: Pagination

Click on the table headers to sort the rows.
Click in a cell to edit the data.

Your table rows can now be paginated. This is very nice to have with huge tables especially since TableGear can slow down significantly when it has too many rows to work with (remember, it's doing a lot!).

The concept of adding new rows on any page of a paginated table is a bit nonsensical, or at least counter-intuitive as a user experience, but it's also a convenience that's hard to throw out. In any case, the "addNewRows" parameter can turn off this feature, so I leave the decision up to you!

Edit Row Id Item Description Price Date Quantity
$62,568.00 42355
735 45444 xxxxxxxxxxxx $4.00 January 1, 1970 0
704 xx xx $2.00 January 1, 1970 40
655 sfadfa tyuety $8.00 January 5, 1970 0
667 12 ttfg $60,000.00 January 1, 1970 42312
687 ddd This is a test row... $2,554.00 January 1, 1970 3